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2016RMC 1170 Archery Banner

Nick Little

  • Inside Spread: 20 4/8"
  • Point: 12
  • Official HWNY Score: 0133.750


#1 Russ 2016-10-17 12:23
:-) great buck.
#2 Nick Little 2016-10-23 21:41
Long story short[censored] down 3 years of history with this buck . Complete set of sheds two years ago and about 100 trail cam pics . Many close to home just teasing me lol.finally layed eyes on him in september of this year. Still giving no clues where he was going or what he was doing other than showing up on my property the last 3 of the month or the first 3 of the beginning of the month. Well if anyone would like the full story id be glad to tell them at the banquet this year have a great year everyone and good luck . Just remember you cant shoot one sitten on the couch!!
#3 Dean Gregoire 2016-11-06 13:25
He's a Beauty. Great [censored]!

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