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2017 Woodchuck Derby


  • Two heaviest Wood Chuck from each Team equals team Score
  • No cheating or altering chucks We will be checking this year
  • No Wet Wood Chuck Unless it Rains on date of Derby
  • Weigh ins at 9:00 pm no later, no exception or your team is disqualified
  • Must have permission from land owners
  • May use any caliber fire arm
  • Hunters responsible for carcass disposal
  • No Trapping
  • No Baiting
  • No Cheating this is a fun event and if you have to cheat to win you just suck at Hunting !!!!

    $50.00 $40.00
    * Hunter #1 Name:

    * Tee Size:

    * Hunter #2 Name:

    * Tee Size:


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